A Colourful Bouquet Inspired by the Colours of Baroque

I love dark colors in winter. It makes the home more cozy by adding optical warmth into the rooms. This beautiful bouquet was inspired by colors of the baroque. It looks like a painting. The bouquet is a perfect addition to go with traditional Christmas colours. If you feel like it, you can hang a couple of red Christmas balls on the stems.

Should your decor be more white, just swap the flowers for white and maybe soft pink ones.

Flowers and Greenery

Red carnations
Cream and magenta colored carnations
Salmon colored gerberas
Blue thistle
Ornamental cabbage
Red Hypericum berry

Depending on the mood, decoration such as colored glass balls, tinsel, or a velvet blanket as a base.

The flowers are loosely arranged and not grouped according to type in a cylindrical vase. The stems are also of different lengths. The shorter ones are slightly longer than the height of the vase. The rest have been added stacked.

A bouquet like this cane last a week if the water is replaced every day. The vase should be kept away from a heat source.


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