A Little Flower Arrangement for New Year’s Eve

This beautiful winter bride was part of the 2020 Fleurs de Villes event in Vancouver.

The above picture was taken from our balcony in downtown Vancouver. It was New Year’s Eve 2016. That day it snowed and snowed and snowed. It added a certain magic to the last day of the year.

Just because you have no big New Year’s Eve party to go to does not mean you can’t have a little festive decoration at your home. Traditionally New Year’s Eve decorations are glitter, balloons, confetti, and crackers. If you’re not a big fan of any of these decorations, how about an understated small flower arrangement? This vase with white carnations is easy to create and looks lovely. If you desire a bit more impact, create a couple of these bouquets and display them in a group. I created this vase for our dining table for New Year’s Eve in 2011. I chose carnation because they are available year round and they don’t break the bank.

The vessel chosen for the arrangement is a white flower pot. It is not very large. It takes about one dozen carnations to fill the pot. The stems were cut down to be just a bit longer than the height of the container. To finish it off a bunched up a sheet of silver tissue paper was twisted and added around the top of the flower pot. The paper was affixed with a bit of tape. Carnations can last easily almost two weeks if the water is changed on a regular basis and the stems receive a fresh cut.

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