Christmas Gift Wrapping in Monochrome Tones

All of these presents were wrapped with matte papers. I find it looks so much better than shiny gift wrapping. Often I use tissue paper, but the folds just don’t look that pleasant.

The ribbons were purchased at a local fabric and notions store. They have a vast assortment of ribbons in all kinds of colours, patterns, widths, and from polyester to silk. It’s hard not to find what you need. And because the ribbons are sold by the meter, you buy what you need.

Matte Gift Wrapping Papers:
Black, Slate Grey, White

Gift Wrapping Instructions

Presents wrapped in all white are not just for wedding gifts. I love to see them under the Christmas tree as well. If the box is small enough, you can use office paper to wrap it.

These two gifts look the most luxurious. Both were wrapped with black matte paper and tied with a black velvet ribbon. The wider ribbon also has a decorative glitter buckle from the notion store.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.
― Coco Chanel

The little box on the top was wrapped with black tissue paper and adorned with gold glitter washi tape. The present below is a grey gift, tied with a beautiful silver and gold ribbon.

What you need to create the gift tags:

Light card paper about 65 – 80lb
Printer, black & white is sufficient
Metal ruler and knife
Or a ruler and pencil to draw the cut lines, and scissors for cutting

The gift tags shown on these photos are available as PDF for download. Here you can find more tags in black & white plus coloured for download.

Gift tags included on the PDF:

bah humbug!
with love
1 2 3… 24
happy Holidays

This little present was wrapped with tissue paper. The gift tag was attached with silver glitter washi tape. It was adorned with two white feathers that were stuck into the hole of the tag.

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