Christmas Table Inspired by a Walk in the Forest

On each plate is a menu and a sprig of rosemary tied to a wreath with a bit of twine.

This festive Christmas dinner table decoration was inspired by a walk in the forest. It’s been a favorite decoration of mine, in several variations, for many years. And as an advocate for simplicity, the table is set and decorated in minutes.

From this angle you can see that dinner will have to be served plated.

When I need evergreen sprigs for my Christmas decor I go to my favorite park. In December the weather can be a bit more stormy than during the rest of the year. The added bonus is, that the grounds at the park is covered with tree debris. Especially after a windstorm I love to go and gather twigs, bows, and pinecones. Once at home I soak the evergreen pieces in a large container filled with water. This will take care of any crawly insects. After that I but them in a glass and place them on the balcony to keep fresh. The pinecones I put in a container with hot water. After the soaking they are placed on a baking rack to dry. It can take a couple of days for the pinecones to dry completely. If you have a park or forest close by, go and explore!

This room has a beautiful and festive ambiance provided by the Christmas tree in the background and all the candles on the table.

The fact that the table is made of wood makes the decor even more fitting. Should you have a modern table like we do, cover it with a table cloth. Here’s a little hint: I don’t buy ready made table cloths. I purchase a piece of fabric from the fabric outlet store in our neighborhood. Here you see our table covered with a piece of midnight blue velvet.

Gingerbread and vanilla ice cream for dessert?


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