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When I buy wine, I choose it mostly based on the label design. Therefore going to a well sorted wine store is like going to an art gallery with miniature art.

If you are in a hurry, you may buy a gift bag for the bottle you bring as a gift to the hosts. However, you can save the money, especially because some bags are really expensive. And most of these gift bags end up in the trash because you already have a collection. Here are a few suggestions on how to recycle material you already have. A popular method is to recycle old ribbon. The next time it is ironed, simply put all the collected ribbons that are loosely in a box in water, let them dry and iron them when they are still damp. When the ribbons are dry, carefully roll them up and stow them away.


Tie a red bow around the bottle neck. With a bit of red thread attach a glass heart ornament on either end of the ribbon. This decoration looks best on a bottle with a simple label.

Inspired by the Label

Inspired by the label. It says CHERRS. It’s the perfect tag for a geek. On the bottle label is the grape … …. .. .. . __.. SHIRAZ.

Again, the label inspired the tag.

Star Struck

A large golden bow and a straw star were used to decorate this bottle. This adornment looks very elegant because the ribbon and straw star having similar colors, plus the label is very minimalistic.

Simple but Elegant

The bow to adorn this bottle was tied from a piece of wide silk ribbon. The piece was too short to decorate a box with it. This kind of bow is best used to showcase a beautiful label.


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