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I wanted to write this article as I get asked so many times how do I get more traffic to my blog and online website!! Well the simple answer is this will not happen over night you really need to work smart. In this Article How To Get More Traffic I will try to Guide you.First thing you need to do is have a structured plan in mind. For example if its a website you need to think ok I have a new online website what do I want from it ie traffic for what purpose are you trying to make money or information or most popular are to trying to sell items, this could be anything from services to actual goods.It’s very important to actually find a really reliable website hosting company also you must have a domain relevant to your country for example if you live in the UK you need to have a unless you are trying to promote your website worldwide then you should have a or even better if you can have both this will help with traffic from the UK and worldwide.Now you have your web hosting company and you are all sorted out you will then need to actually design and add articles or products or services to your blog or website you really need to understand SEO this means search engine optimisation if you do not understand SEO then I suggest you go onto Google videos and do some research this will help you understand how SEO works for you.The biggest problem I have found when I have been creating new websites or blogs is very simple, we all think we have a beautiful brand-new shiny website and we’re going to get tons of traffic unfortunately in the real world this is not the case you could have a fantastic website with zero traffic whatsoever.This chapter is about creating more traffic to your website or blog it’s very important to get this correct what you need to do firstly is to submit your blog or website to Google Bing and other leading search engines this is very important to do this correctly there is lots of videos on how to do this correctly once you’ve done this you need to give it a least 2 to 3 weeks so Google and the other leading search engines have time to actually go through your website in most cases they will find mistakes you really need to sign up with Google Search Console so you can check that when the Google bot go through your blog or website it will tell you what needs to be fixed this is so important to get this correct otherwise Google and the other leading search engines might actually Block you.Now we’re going to talk about the most important thing is linking from other websites to yours this is very very important to get this correct, one thing you want to do is to make sure the links are relevant to your website or blog for example if you sell or promote Christmas Decorations and you put a link to cars not really relevant this is so important you get this correct now. For example I have linked Blog Feed Spot Com they have very kindly added my Christmas Online Blog to there 25 top Christmas blogs so you can see this is relevant to both their blog site and my blog site because we are both promoting Christmas blogs.

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