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Advent calendars are not only for children. Grown ups love them just as much. This beautiful Advent calendar is perfect for a young lady in your family. Or pre-Christmas gift for your bestie who is hard to shop for.

The fabric pouches were designed and made by hand with lots of love. The Advent calendar can also be shared by a couple. One fills the odd and the other the even days with something they both can share.

The bags are ready to be filled with items such as chocolates, small collectables, gift cards, jewelry, notes, or whatever else comes to mind. They can also be filled with items that make a collection. For a young person starting their own household they could be filled with Christmas ornaments. A foodie may appreciate spices, small kitchen items, homemade jams, mustards, nuts.

This a zero waste Christmas countdown can be reused for years to come. Or handed down to a loved one.

This Advent calendar is available for purchase on my Etsy store. Or you can sew one yourself. Instructions for similar bags can be found here.

This is the same Advent calendar but in a different colour scheme. It is also available for purchase on Etsy.

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