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Once you’ve decorated your home with lighting, it’s time to get everything ready for any overnight guests. Here are some tips to ensure that your home is holiday-ready and comfortable.

Stock up your pantry and fridge: Be sure to fill your fridge with various beverages and healthy snacks. You should also stock up the pantry with items like granola bars, chips, and other easy snacks so your hungry guest can easily grab something to munch on between meals.

Declutter and deep clean: A clean home is a welcoming home, so make sure you take some time to declutter and remove excess “stuff” from the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and guest room. A deep clean is also recommended so that everything is spotless and sanitary. Scrub the bathroom and kitchen counters, dust, vacuum, and mop the floors. Wash all bedding before putting it in the guest bedroom.

Get the guest room ready: Here are some quick tips to get your guest room ready for visitors.

o   Comfy bed and pillows: Make the bed and use fresh linens, including comfortable sheets and blankets. Include plenty of soft, cushy pillows, so your guests get a great night’s sleep. An extra quilt or throw blanket laid across the bed will provide additional warmth and make the room look cozier.

o   Prep the nightstand: Add some items to the nightstands in the guest room like a pitcher of fresh water and drinking glasses, a box of tissues, and a beautiful vase full of flowers for a nice touch.

o   Amenities: Make sure you have plenty of amenities available like coffee, water, and tea. Don’t forget to give your guests the password to your Wi-Fi so they can stay connected while away from home.

o   Space for unpacking suitcases: Give your guests lots of room to store their clothing and other items after unpacking their suitcases. A dresser or cabinet in the bedroom is a great choice, and be sure to free up room in your guest bedroom closet so they have a place to hang their clothes. Don’t forget to include plenty of hangers as well.

o   Sleeping items: Add a fun touch to your holiday home by providing your guests with some items like an eye mask and some earplugs. This is a great way to help ensure they get a good night’s sleep, and it adds a thoughtful touch.

Get the guest bathroom ready: Don’t forget to equip the bathroom when you prepare your home for guests. Here are some tips to ensure that this space is fresh and ready for holiday visitors.Extra TP and wet wipes: Stock your guest bathroom with plenty of toilet paper and put it in a lovely basket or in an area where it’s easy for your guests to find. Don’t forget to add a large tub of wet wipes or provide your guests with some small packets of wet wipes in case they need them.Towels and washcloths: Be sure to have plenty of clean towels and washcloths on hand. Fold and stack a few extra towels and place them on top of the vanity, so your guests have plenty whenever they shower.Small-sized toiletries: Create a hotel-like atmosphere by adding a few small essentials like trial-sized tubes of toothpaste, shower gel, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. You can also provide guests with new toothbrushes. A small bottle of lotion or moisturizer is always nice, too. If you have a female guest, be sure to offer them some extra sanitary pads, too.Hairdryer: Make sure you provide your guests with a hairdryer just in case they need one. Place it in a visible bathroom area near an outlet, so they know it’s available to use.

 From creating a beautiful holiday light display to making sure your home is ready for guests, keep these tips in mind when preparing your home for the season. With some brilliant, festive lighting and a cozy space, you’ll create a home that your guests will love. A comfortable, cheerful home is where friends and loved ones will want to return to visit season after season.

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