Snowmobile Adventure in Winter Wonderland

In early March, ten of us were in Whistler for some winter fun. We had rented a large house in which we all had more than enough space. It was just before the Covid restrictions were implemented. There was enough snow for winter activities. It was just perfect.

The first day Klaus and I enjoyed a quiet day skiing. The weather transformed from fantastic sunshine to snowfall in the afternoon.

On the second day I decided to join four friends on a snowmobile adventure. Well, my trip was probably less than 100 meters. I didn’t feel safe on the snowmobile at all. It started very jerkily and the braking was the same. The guide offered me to ride on the backseat of his snowmobile. I accepted the offer with gratitude. I had a wonderful ride through winter wonderland.

The weather couldn’t have been better. As soon as we drove off, it started to snow. It was a fairytale landscape in which we were on the move for about three hours. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to take pictures.

I definitely want to go back to Alta Lake but with snowshoes.

A weekend away does wonders to recharge the batteries. You fill your head with beautiful impressions.


Written by Keith4444


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