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Have you ever heard about spider web ornaments for your Christmas tree? Or have you ever baked delicious german fruit bread stollen? We show you 10 beautiful Christmas traditions from all over the world to give your Christmas a charming note.

Colourful sprinkles, powdered sugar, almonds, marzipan, and lots of chocolate. What could be better than a Christmas bakery? And when Christmas cakes and cookies have been baked with a lot of hard work and inspiration their taste is twice as good.
Depending on your baking experience choose appropriate receipts for your marathon. Even simple cookies can look impressive with nice decoration. If you have more experience, think about baking complicated things, for example, german cake stollen.
And it must be exciting to bake together – imagine you all are on the famous TV baking show, switch on Christmas music and start creating masterpieces!

No, it is not about Halloween. In Ukraine, Christmas trees are traditionally decorated with spider web ornaments. These tree decorations must bring good luck. The story goes back to a poor woman who could not afford to decorate her tree festively with beautiful ornaments. When she woke up the next morning, her tree was covered with cobwebs that glittered beautifully in the sunlight. Of course, you don’t need to look for cobwebs, there are many great spider web ornaments you can find in Christmas shops. Even the unusual decoration of your Christmas tree may make your Christmas unusual.

And speaking of unconventional tree decorations: in the USA, a “Christmas pickle“, i.e., the Christmas cucumber may not be missing in any tree. On Christmas Eve, in addition to the usual decorations, a Christmas cucumber made of glass is hung in the Christmas tree – as well hidden as possible. Before the presents are given, the children have to look for this vegetable. The child who discovers the cucumber first has hit the Christmas jackpot. Not only does he or she receive an extra gift and get to open the rest of the parcels first, but he or she is also supposed to be particularly lucky in the coming year.

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An important Swedish tradition is the Christmas “Donald Duck Special”. This one-hour television program airs on Christmas Eve at 3:00 pm. Festivities are even planned around this television date so families can watch the show together. It’s a fun tradition that can easily be adopted. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the angry duck – or Disney. How about watching your favourite movies?

Perhaps one of the weirdest Christmas traditions can be found in the far north: namely, in Norway, people hide their brooms. This custom is centuries old. Back then, people believed that witches and evil spirits were looking for brooms to ride on Christmas Eve. To this day, many Norwegians hide their brooms in a safe place in the house so that they don’t get lost. Even if you don’t believe in witches, this tradition can be very funny. 
In conclusion, these ways are just several days to make your Christmas more interesting and unusual. Anyway, the greatest thing about this holiday is that people still believe in magic and love. It doesn’t matter if you bake cookies, or decorate your Christmas tree with spider web ornaments, stay positive and enjoy this great time.

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